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Hi My name is Charanjit Luddu son of Jarnail Singh(

My name is Charanjit Luddu son of Jarnail Singh. I came to Canada in 1972. I came to know about this website when Sital Loodu came to visit me. It is great site and whoever came up this amazing idea needs to admired and appreciated. Before coming to Canada I was working in DC’s office Chandigarh. Recently the Panchyat Elections were completed in Punjab and our village also participated in them. It is saddening to know that due to someone`s stubbornness or political aspirations we couldn’t reach a consensus to elect the Panches unopposed to take advantage of the government grants. I want to share a storey with the young generation how our village panchyat came to existence.

Originally our panchyat was with Mahilpur. In early 1970’s approximately 37 years ago with the efforts of Rawel Singh, Ranjit Singh ji and Capt. Bhag Singh ji our village was successful in getting panchyat status. Our village name was printed in the panchyat gazette and soon after taken out of the gazette. The reason was that Mahilpur panchyat filed a complaint that our population is less than 200 people which number was absolute requirement for granting new panchyat status.

With the help of Manmohan Singh Rakkar a advocate of Punjab and Haryana High Court and Jaspal Singh I.A.S Joint Secretary Punjab Panchyat`s we were properly guided how to pursue this case further. We were advised to file a complaint with the Punjab census Board and request for re-census and review of the case. Accordingly we lodged the complaint and a Inquiry Officer was appointed to look into the matter. From there on it was up to Capt. Bhag Singh ji to take care of the Inquiry Officer. Capt. Bhag Singh ji was able to convince the Inquiry Officer that our population is more than 200 people. On the basis of Inquiry Officer’s report we barely made the required population numbers and our panchyat status was restored. Our first Sarpanch was Rawel Singh who was elected unopposed. Rawel Singh died in his prime life in a terrorist shoot out while traveling with Kabul Singh then president of S.G.P.C. The terrorist`s target was Kabul Singh who got injured but survived. What I am trying to point out is that credit of Dohlron’s panchyat goes to Ranjit Singh ji and Capt. Bhag Singh ji who worked tirelessly to have the Panchyat status granted for our village. Both brothers have sincere, honest and genuine interest for the welfare of our village. I have lot of respect for those two indivituals who worked so hard to have separate Panchyat from Mahilpur. I am disappointed that nobody recognize their hard work so far. This is what I have to say.
Charanjit Luddu

Goldy you have done a wonderful job by creating a
Village website you are a special member of our
Extended family I wish you prosperous life.with the grace of waheguru our village should stay
On top of all villages in India.Goldi you are doing a
Great job.

With Regards
Anup Loodu

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  1. 1

    Hello Friends Please give ur suggestions and views thru the messages

  2. 2
    manjit loodu Says:

    chakki chalo fatte!!!!!!!
    good job

  3. 3

    Beautification of this pind is made possible with the joint efforts of all the villagers and who thought it and did it. Thanks and salute to their creative thinkings

  4. 4
    aman luddu Says:

    wow….i am thrilled to see this beautiful web site which brought everyone together.
    keep up the good work!!!!
    love my Dohlron!!

  5. 5
    kiran Says:

    gud job. keep it up ………..

  6. 6
    lovely,s/o karamjeet singh, aust. Says:

    exellent job man bruaaaaaaa…………… really miss it phaji

  7. 7
    Rajan Says:

    Goldi,keep this gud job up.Please udate the website for latest news if any.Sat sri akal to everyone in village

  8. 8
    Ruby Says:

    Hi,my name is rubyMy parents names are S.Mohinder Singh and Smt Inderjit Kaur.I love the website.What a wonderful job you guys have done!BRAVO

  9. 9
    Jagjit Ludu Says:


    My grandfather is Bhag Singh, and my father is Narinder Singh Ludu. We were all really happy to see this website and it brought back many great memories. Keep uip the good work.

    -Jagjit Singh Ludu

  10. 10
    swati luddu Says:

    Adorable…..its really very very very gud website… even 4 people of dohlron as well as 4 outsiders too…I am In Tamil Nadu from last 4 years and i really missed my pind very badly….bt thz to goldy bhaji and entire members of our pind 4 publish this beautiful site so that i could and all other people frm our pind who r living in canada or england could view our pind whenever they miss our pind…..
    great job bhaji…..
    i wish that all other youth frm our pind will come forward with more new Innovations for the pind….

  11. 11
    kamaljit Says:

    excellent!I am kamaljit from England,daughter of S.Pirthipal singh . This website is not new to me but every time I visit this I feel so happy to see my pind, so contented. Great job guys!

  12. 12
    Bindu Says:

    “Writing personally I would like to thank you and Gurjot for the tremendous amount of effort you guys put into the preparation of this beautiful pind’s website, in particular, for the generous allocation of your time. I know that the outcome of your outstanding work has been of considerable help to us to know about our pind and its history, also recently happened events and upcoming as well.

    Job well done guys!!! Keep up the good work..:)

  13. 13
    Manmeet singh Says:

    i really miss my pind, the real thing is that u only know what u have lost,
    when u loose it ? i really miss it very much and only things i remember from my past r those years i lived there, the smell the roads, baba barala ji,the loveable friends and some funny things….

  14. 14
    Pritam s Ludu Says:

    Hello Mr Gurpinder singh ji,
    Sat sari akal.Let me introduce myself,My name is Pritam S/O Ranjit singh older brother of Bhai Santokh singh ji.My uncle Bhai Bhag singh ji is also visiting India now.Talking about the website We now can visit our Pind whenever we feel like it KUDOS TO YOU Job well done.Let me know how is our uncles &Aunt doing.
    Thanks again.
    P S Ludu

  15. 15
    jagjit(naughty) Says:

    Hi Goldi
    Great effort i am really proud to see this keep up the good work in future if you need any help please feel free to let me know

  16. 16
    Goldi Says:

    Thanks for the comments on the Pind website

  17. 17
    ajay (mahilpur) Says:

    Hi Gp
    i have cheched your website. it is really great effort and work.

  18. 18
    Sital Singh Says:

    For all members making coments on the website, it would be helpful if you gave us an introduction about yourself. Example Ajay were are you from and who are your parents.
    Sital Singh

  19. 19
    Ashok kumar Says:

    Hi my all respected person and my friend. i feel very happy to see this website. I spend my childhood in dohlron so i have many sweet memories with dohlron. when i thought about primary school life i feel very happy. My friends sonu, sukhdeep, jatinder,sandeep,ninder,gursewak give me more inspiration and motivate. This is very good effort to give information about our village to world. Well done

    Ashok kumar s/o Shakti Chand

  20. 20
    manjinder singh ( son of Ram singh Loodu) Toronto Says:

    Hi ,
    I think this is one of the best thing you can ever think that our village has a website and so much information about it.
    Goldi…what will happen if you get married abroad …..Do you have a backup ??? or you will manage from abroad.
    Really brilliant job …

  21. 21
    Ashok kumar Says:

    I wish sat shri akal to all my respected persons. My name is ashok kumar i spent my childhood i Dohlron. I feel very happy to see my village on website. I completed M.Com, M.Phil,IELTS and have scored 87 points for CANADA PR but i face one main problem that is finance. i don’t have much money because i belong to a poor family, my father expired five year ago. If some one help me and solve my this problem i feel debtfull for my whole life. i repay this amount with my lifetime blessing. Your help can change my and my family life. I hope some one understand my problem and trying to solve it. thanks
    My email id is and my contact number is +919872382719

  22. 22
    Amrit Parmar Says:

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Amrit Daughter of Late S. Ravel Singh .It just came to my attention that my sister mentioned about this website. good job. I like to thank Goldie for his great efforts. keep it up.

  23. 23
    Taaru Gill Says:

    HI Rajput, realy good site, how r u?

  24. 24
    Jastej Singh Luddu Says:

    My name is Jastej Luddu and my fathers name is Jagtar Luddu. I am grand son of the lat Sardar Chain Singh Luddu and I recently came across this page. For my homework I had to find out some history about my family. It’s been tough but it’s nice to kmow that there is a whole website dedicated to our family. If anyone has any info that you think would help me please do’nt hesitate to help. And thanks for the great website. It’s cool connecting with fellow Luddu’s like this.

  25. 25
    harman gill Says:

    nice work

  26. 26
    Gurjot Says:

    Happy New year 2010!!!!!!!! to all the People from Pid Dohlron.

  27. 27
    Dwayne Says:

    Wow. is great.

  28. 28
    Seema Titchener Says:

    Hello, my name is Seema and I am the granddaughter of Sadhu S luddu and Rattan K Luddu, and daughter to Tarlochan s Manhas and Kanwaljit K Manhas…this is a wonderful thing that you have done Mr. Goldi…I went through the links and then called my mom to tell her to get onto her computer and show my grandma as both would appreciate this website a lot…I myself have visited Dohlron twice and both times I had this overwhelming feeling of being home as everyone there was so wonderful…Thank you…

  29. 29
    Karnail singh Luddu Says:

    Dear all Luddu

    I feel so much proud on seeing this site,I m resident of jalandher and my native place is village Argowal Dist hoshiarpur.Almost 70 to 80 house is pertain to Luddu clan.


    Karnail singh

  30. 30
    Ravi Says:

    Kidan phaji tusi eh kam bahut vadiya kita

  31. 31
    Karnail singh Luddu Says:

    Hello Dear
    I wish to know where is the village of forfathers mean (jathere place)

  32. 32

    LOVE Dohlron,this is where I also belong to, did not live much there.My mom is stil there Mrs. GURSHARAN KAUR. THANX FOR THIS nice site. long live DOHLRON.

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