Old Memories

more than 30 year old, from left: 2nd Bibi Balwant kaur, Baba Kharak singh, S. Mehnga singh

In 1968, from left:S.Sukhwal singh s/o s. Mehnga singh, Paramjit singh (Pammy) s/o Gurdial singh

In 1962, from left:S.paul singh from village Panshta, S. Pashora singh, Master Ram singh (Courtesy by S. Sital singh Loodu)

In 1955, from left:Bibi Harbans kaur mother of Mr. Anup singh & Sital singh, Bibi Gurmeet kaur mother of Master Ram singh, Bibi Joginder kaur w/o S.Sucha singh (Courtesy by S. Sital singh Loodu)

In 1955, from left: 1. Dilbag Singh father of S. Piyara Singh. 2. Batan Singh (Courtesy by S. Sital singh Loodu)


At Amritsar (more than 23 year old)

More Than 20 year old

More Than 20 year old


  1. 1
    swati luddu Says:

    I am Swati Luddu daugther of Harjeet Singh Luddu..
    well gud to seee 20 years old pics… I dont knw who all r they..?but its really good that you had kept all those pics in this website..

  2. 2
    Kamaljit Says:

    I remember when we used to go around people`s houses for paathian and baalan for the bon fire on Lohri night. We used to have a competition, out of boys and girls who will have a bigger pile and we girls tried our best to collect more but to our surprise, boys always had bigger pile because they used to trick people to get fat trunks off the trees. Does anybody remember that?

    I wish those days would come back. I wish we could do something like that again together.

    Kamaljit Parmar – Daughter of Pirthipal Singh Luddu

  3. 3
    Rajan Says:

    Goldi buddy,I have tears in my eyes to see the pics.Really I went to old times.I still remember we used to have fun on mango trees on the way to Baba brala ji.I would like to see more and more guys sharing the old memories.I miss all those old times picking mangoes, berries under the trees.Goldy plz try to get as many many as old pics and post them.It is humble request.My email.jaskaran_luddu@yahoo.ca.I am Rajan,S/o S Mohinder Singh and Mrs.Inderjit Kaur.Anyone who knows me from Canada or anywhere,plz contact me. I would love to hear from my village mates to share old memories.

  4. 4
    Kulbir Loodu Says:

    Hello Goldi, Good to see you 20 years old pictures. My mother was very happy to see all these pictures. I would like to thank you to remineding the old back days our parents.

  5. 5
    Jaison Loodu Says:

    I am Jaison Loodu, the son of Rupinder Singh (Happy) and grandson of Master Ram Singh.

    These pictures are really great. My dad told me stories about the village and this is the first time i saw my great grandmother’s picture. Thanks for loading these photos. Keep it up.

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