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Mera Pind Dohlron

This Website is for everyone who belongs to Pind Dohlron Near Mahilpur, Distt: Hoshiarpur Punjab India. This is a very small and beautiful village having all types of modern facilities. Our village have near about 70 Households, but unique thing about it is that people from Dohlron are spread across the globe.

This pind belongs to the Sikh Rajput community having surname “Luddu”or “Loodu” or “Ludu” .

According to the panjpedia.org

The Luddu are a Rajput clan found mainly in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in India, while the Muslim branch of the tribe is now found in Punjab Pakistan.

The Luddu are found mainly in Una District, HP. India, Nurpur Bedi, Roopnagar, PB. India as well as an area of Kangra,HP. They are of Suryavanshi descent, and according to their traditions, about 2,400 years ago, Bhim Chand, a Surajvanshi Raja of Kangra had a son Susran Chand, who they say was the Susarma of the Mahabharat. Luddu are superior class Rajputs. As such the Luddu are said to have fought on the side of the Kauravas at the famous battle of the Mahabharat. The Luddu founded the principality of Bhabaur, and the tribe also held the Nurpur area. This principality was said to be founded by Khamb Chand, twenty first in descent from Bhim Chand. They use the title Raizada, and are addressed as such. A branch of the clan converted to Islam during the rule of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. They were found in what was once the Unna Tehsil of Hoshiarpur District, and emigrated to Pakistan at the time of the partition of India in 1947.

Luddu Rajput Villages

  1. Malahat, Una, Himachal Pradesh 2. Nurpur Bedi and Nangal,Roopnagar, Punjab 3. Dohlran, Mahilpur, District : Hoshiarpur, State : Punjab

There are 93 villages in Punjab where Sikh Rajput community live.

To know more about “Sikh Rajput” community (History, Rajput villages & Surnames) please open these sites later on:




As Lots of people from this small Pind have settled across the Globe, this is a mean for them to be in touch with their beloved Pind (Village).

Also, An effort for Dohlrian to connect with each other from across the Globe.

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